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What's a Recall vs. a Technical Service Bulletin?

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How do vehicle safety recalls and technical service bulletins work and who pays for the repairs? See how to find out if your vehicle was affected.

How To Save Hundreds of Dollars Annually on Car…

Saving money is top priority these days. Car repair is a great way to do it. I can show you how to save $600.00 this year in a single weekend. Doing your own auto maintenance can save money without a doubt. Your budget will thank you!

Choosing a Method of Paint-Stripping That's…

There are a number of routes you can go when removing the paint from all or part of a car body, and each of these has its benefits and its shortcomings.

Fix a Dead Battery in Your Car Remote

We rely on the remote unlock, lock, and alarm functions on our car or truck key fob, or key chain. This keychain remote has batteries that go dead. If you have a dead or weak battery in your car remote, you will lose range or not be able to use it at all. Replacing your car remote battery is easy. You can replace the battery in 5 minutes or less. We’ll show you a Honda remote and a Mercedes Benz remote as examples. Other remotes will be similar. Most are easy to deal with. Remember not to force the remote open if it doesn’t seem to want to open up. A broken remote can cost hundreds of dollars to replace.

5 Ways to Tell Your Car Is Overheating

There are many reasons why your car may be overheating. Take a look at this list of common causes of overheating and you will be closer to diagnosing.

Checking Car Idling Problems

If your car is idling to high or too low, it could be an early sign of a bigger problem. Figure it out now and save money on future repairs!

Help! Car Won't Start!

If your car won’t turn over, you could save hundreds of dollars by figuring out what’s wrong on your own. It’s worth a try!

What Could Cause a No Crank After Running?

What could be the problem if your pickup starts fine first thing in the day, but has no crank or start after you’ve run it for awhile and parked?

Lug Nut Safety You Need to Know

You should check the tightness of the lug bolts on all four wheels on a regular basis. If you have had any work done on the car, be sure to double check after 10 or 20 miles. Properly checking them will make your car safe.